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Welcome to Phil Chemics

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Phil Chemics Enterprise Pty Ltd was formed after we found that eight of ten new businesses FAILED. These was because of the risks for most small business to medium-sized business which were found to exist at start-up and also during growth stages, whereby business tend to grow too quick in a short space of time.
We therefore saw an opportunity to provide a service to small and medium sized business to increase the chance of their business taking off the ground, growing successfully and staying in business by providing clients with affordable, professional services and free sound advice.


Our Vision

  • The vision includes of becoming one of the leading and successful black-owned Farming and manufacture specialty, importers and exporters in Africa and Globally.
  • To implement and effectively manufacture essential oils and delivering of related services to the community in a sustainable manner, through empowering and protection of local community members;
  • To inspire health and wellness of the Africans citizens.
  • It is our view that individuals can increase their effectiveness and the quality of their lives by improving their health, well-being and the ability to cope successfully.
  • This is one of our apex priorities in ensuring life improvements in people.


Our Mission

It is the company’s mission to positively impact and provide quality service and products to the following constituencies:

  • People: Inspire people to become aware of their health and the ability to cope with the challenges of life. The first step of making changes comes from being awareness.
  • Animals: Foster the use of holistic and organic treatments on pets.
  • Productivity: Promote industry growth and impact the overall health and wellbeing of individuals in Africa and Globally.
  • As well as to implement and effectively manufacture agricultural produce for income generation to boost economic growth (GDP) of South Africa
  • More importantly is to operate in an integrated and sustainable Farming industry within Africa and other parts of the world such as in China, UK, Brazil, etc.


Our Values

The Company intends to adhere to:

  • Accountability ;we are responsible for our actions that influence all our stakeholders;
  • Collaboration ; we are reliant on the collaboration with the best within and outside the industry to offer good quality products;
  • Efficiency ;Our approach rests on the belief of being efficient and effective in offering best solutions each time ever;
  • Integrity ; we make and keep our promises and always strive to act with fairness, honesty, integrity, and openness without compromising the truth;
  • Respect ; we give due respect to self and others and maintain the environment of teamwork and growth;
  • And Value for Money; we provide value for money through quality services and products.


Our Objectives

  • Our objectives are to develop integrated specialty Farming and Manufacturing outlets to become a profitable business by year three of operation ;
  • To establish a viable socio-economic project, full product and service delivery that will command the approval of the local community that it serves.
  • Provide opportunities to rural youth that promote innovative agricultural enterprise and agribusiness
  • Raise agribusiness skill level and economic opportunities to rural youth
  • Advanced youth-led agribusiness network and provide interactive information service.
  • Raise awareness of gender issues amongst youth and provide equal opportunity for agribusiness advancement to young women
  • Improve the practical agribusiness skill sets amongst future graduates of vocational schools and  universities