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General Policy

The PCE (Pty) Ltd recognizes that our business success bring with it obligation of good stewardship and ethical behaviour. Our operations will perform better when the communities around them are stable and prosperous. Conducting business with an eye to the needs of the future is the essence of sustainable development. ‘Good Citizenship’ Principle are intended to provide a common set of values and standards applicable to our actions whenever we do business.


The principle provides a defensible framework for the management of ethical, legal, social and environmental risks. Employees must ensure adherence to the Principal and furthermore are requested to take a personnel interest in how the Principle are promoted and upheld within your Division.


Our Stakeholder

Our primary responsibility to our clients

We believe that this is the best achieved through intelligent understanding of the interest of our clients, including our employees; the community associated with our operations. A reputation for integrity and responsible behaviour will underpin our commercial performance through motivation employees and building trust and good will in the greater world of business.



We aim to attract and retain the service of the most appropriately skilled individuals. We are committed to treating employees at all level with respect and consideration, to investing in their development and to ensuring that the careers are not constrained by discrimination or other arbitrary to advancement. We will seek to maintain a regular two-way flow of information with employees to maximize their identification with and ability to contribute to our business.



We aim to promote strong relationship with and enhance the capacities of the communities of which we are a part. We will seek regular engagement about issues, which may affect them. Our support for community projects will reflect the priorities of the local people, sustainability and cost effectiveness. We increasingly seek to assess the contribution of our operation to make local social and economic development.


Clients and Business Partner

We seek mutually beneficial long-term relationship with our clients, business partners, contractors and supplier based on fair and ethical practices.


Government Bodies 

We respect the laws whilst seeking to observe, within our operations, the universal standards promulgated by government organizations. Their inputs may lead to better practices and to increase our understanding.


Non-Government Bodies

We aim for constructive relations with relevant non-government organizations. Their input may lead to better practices and increase our understanding.


Principle of Conduct

Business Integrity and Ethics

 i.  We will comply with all laws and regulations applicable to our business;

 ii.  We are implacably opposed to corruption. We will not offer, pay or accept bribes or condone these practices in our dealings in the marketplace and will not tolerate any such activity by our employees;

 iii. We prohibit employees from trading securities illegally when in possession of unpublished prices sensitive information;

 iv. We require our employees to perform their duties conscientiously, honestly and with due regard for the  avoidance of conflicts between any personal financial or commercial interests and their responsibilities to their employer;

 v.  We will maintain high standards of planning and control to the following :

  1. Identify and monitor material risks;
  2. Safeguard our assets  and to
  3. Detect and prevent fraud.

 vi.  We will promote the application of our principles by those with whom we do business with. Their willingness to accept these principles will be an important factor in our decision to enter into and remain in such relationships. We encourage employees to take personal responsibility for ensuring that our conduct complies with our principles. No one will suffer for raising the violation of this policy or any legal or ethical concern, with management. 


Corporate Citizens

  1. We respect human dignity and the rights of the individuals and of the communities associated with our operations. We seek to make contribution to the economic, social and educational wellbeing of these communities, including through local business development and providing opportunities for the workers from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  2. We recognize the sensitivity involved in addressing issues which relates to the cultural heritage of indigenous communities. We will seek to ensure that such matters are handled in a spirit of respect, trust and dialogue.
  3. Whilst the primary responsibility, where it is within our power to do so. We will seek to promote the observance of human rights. We support the principles set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Employment and Labour Rights

  1. We are committed to the adoption of fair labour practice at our workplaces and our conditions of service will comply with applicable laws and standards. We will promote workplace equality and will seek to eliminate all forms of unfair discrimination;
  2. We will not tolerate inhuman treatment of employees, including form of forced labour, physical punishment or other abuse;
  3. We prohibit the use of child labour’
  4. We recognize the rights of our employee to freedom of association;
  5. We will operate fair and appropriately for the determination of terms of conditions of employment. We will provide appropriate procedures for the protection of workplace rights and our employees’ interest;
  6. We will provide employees with the opportunities to enhance their skills and capabilities, enabling them 
  7. to develop fulfilling careers and to maximize their contribution to our business.


Safety, Health and Environmental Stewardship

  1. We have adopted a comprehensive Safety, Health and Environmental Policy and we will report regularly on our SHE performance. We will continue to review and develop this policy;
  2. We strive to prevent fatalities, work-related injuries and health impairment of employees and contractors;
  3. We recognize the human tragedy caused by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. We have clear policy for addressing HIV/AIDS in the workplace and are committed to a comprehensive prevention strategies linked to the programmes of care for those affected by HIV/AIDS epidemic. We will strive to eliminate any stigma or unfairness or discrimination on the basis of real or perceived HIV status.
  4. We are committed to the principles of sustainable development, by which we mean striking an optimal balance between economic, environmental and social development. We will strive to innovate and adopt best practices wherever wew operate.


Occupational health and safety Act

  • We comply with occupational health and safety act where we do business.
  • By ensuring that all our employees are using protective equipment’s all the time of duties
  • Using machinery that are safe and without risk to the health of our employees and our clients
  • Using chemicals that are not harmful to human health