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2 June, 2020
Talk 2 Farmer

Newsletter No.1 • 2020

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We provide Primary Skills Development, Facilitation and Mentoring Management Services to different communities and investors in the agricultural industry, within Africa and internationaly..


Opportunities and challenges Gauteng is home to about 23.9% of South African’s population according to the 2014 Mid-Year Population Estimates (GPG, 2012).
Although it is the smallest province geographically, Gauteng is the richest province as measured by its contribution to the GDP at over 33 per cent in 2018.
Despite these positive factors, the province remains tainted by inequality in the distribution of income, and a high unemployment rate, with the result that many
suffer grinding poverty and lack of resources. These negatives are further exacerbated by the rapid population growth attributed largely to cross border and internal migration.

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