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6 July, 2020
Talk 2 Farmer

Newsletter No. 2.2020

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Profile of a young entrepreneur – hardworking, creative, qualified,
passionate and dynamic!.

Mr Phillemon Tlabela is the founder and CEO of Phil Chemics Enterprise and the AgriNurse Institute of Southern Africa. He is a member of the
Southern African Business Development Forum (SABDF), the South African Council for Natural Scientists and the Southern African Essential Oil
Producer Association (SAEOPA). He acts as the agricultural advisor at the SABDF and LeadAfrika. Phillemon is in the process of formulating his
own ranges for baby and mom, using Proudly South African products instead of imported ingredients. He includes locally produced marula,
avocado, Kalahari melon, lavender and geranium in his formulas. He belives less is more and that natural products is the way to go. He has started
with prototypes for baby and mom massage, baby bum and bath oil. He is also working on a alcohol-free but effective hand sanitiser for sensitive
skins. He can be seen as a pioneer and true example of motivation and dedicaction. No virus can stop Phillemon!

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